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Nuremberg - Germany (von Lovro67)

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Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.

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*drinks a whole pot of coffee to feel alive and whole again*

I wrote a haiku. It goes like this:
"Ow I burned my hand
Go away we close in five minutes
I'm gonna shoot myself now"

“Stick to your knitting.”

That’s the sage advice London, Ont. Mayor Joni Baechler, a 14-year political veteran, says she once received from one of her male city council counterparts.

“Seriously,” Baechler says, sitting inside Calgary’s municipal building and still somewhat incredulous as she recounts the unsolicited advice.

Needless to say, Baechler ignored her colleague’s instruction and hopes other women will, too, because Canadian politics desperately requires a recalibration.

“When you don’t have equal representation from the female voice we know unequivocally that the perspective a women … doesn’t even make it to the table,” she says.

Baechler is in Calgary for the Tuesday morning screening of 25%: A Documentary, a 37-minutes film showcasing a uniquely Canadian perspective on the lack of and need for more women in politics.


Logas Beach - Corfu - Greece (von Xristoforos aka Shooting Dog)


Parc Güell - Barcelona - Spain (von Martin Pilát)


Christina Hendricks in her 90s teen goth days


Venice - Italy (von LenDog64)


Skellig Islands, Ireland (by Sandy S )

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