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Kristen, I did the thing.

I’ve acquired the live action scooby doo movie and a Finn the human hat. It’s a pretty decent day.

Kristen and I are going to open a coffee shop. In our coffee shop we plan to have a stage for performances. A patio of sorts and an in store bakery. Unlike other coffee shops we want ours to be a place for people to just hang out with some friends. I don’t like the idea of standing coffee shops meant to get the customer out as soon as possible. Our coffee shop will be about making friends and creating memories, for lack of a better way to explain it. We shall be bros with all of our coffee shop regulars and always encourage them to hang out and chat. I’m excite. We’ve actually started looking into it and realized our coffee shop dreams are doable.

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You so spice!

Princess Bubblegum

Anonymous said: 6 and 7

Top ten TV shows:

1) Doctor Who

2) Sherlock

3) Supernatural

4) Fringe

5) Merlin

6) Firefly

7) 30 Rock

8) Community

9) House

10) Adventure time 

Top 5 Tumblr Blogs.

1) Kristenlw

2) brettimusprime

3) philphys

4) cocknbull

5) perryodd

(There are a lot more, I like a lot of blogs such as: fightoffyourdemons-, depression party- though he doesn’t post much anymore- at all, viscerainferno, the-final-sentence, cabinporn, jtotheizzoe, etc…)

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