I am 23, and of the female variety.
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Anonymous said: I like the porn you post, I don't think its degrading to women at all. Keep it up.


I will keep it up.

Anonymous said: I wish I knew you in real life, you seem like a lovely girl.

Thanks you.

Anonymous said: Are you sad today?


Anonymous said: Why are you such a cunt?

…it’s a birth defect?

Anonymous said: Your blog makes me smile!!!! :D

Thank you.

Anonymous said: Would you ever date anyone from tumblr?

No, I don’t know. I always think it would be neat to be friends with more of my followers/ people I follow however I don’t really date people. But maybe. I could definitely befriend someone from tumblr.

Anonymous said: Do you like Katy Perry?

No, not particularly.

Anonymous said: Y U No Like Me? :(

Maybe you’re an asshole, I don’t know… you seem awfully anonymous.

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