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My room mate and I just watched all three of the Community Halloween specials. Once we finished those we were looking for something else to watch that fit with the Halloween spirit, we couldn’t think of anything good until we realized that we had all of The Simpsons Halloween specials on the hard drive… best night ever.¬†

Anonymous said: 6 and 7

Top ten TV shows:

1) Doctor Who

2) Sherlock

3) Supernatural

4) Fringe

5) Merlin

6) Firefly

7) 30 Rock

8) Community

9) House

10) Adventure time 

Top 5 Tumblr Blogs.

1) Kristenlw

2) brettimusprime

3) philphys

4) cocknbull

5) perryodd

(There are a lot more, I like a lot of blogs such as: fightoffyourdemons-, depression party- though he doesn’t post much anymore- at all, viscerainferno, the-final-sentence, cabinporn, jtotheizzoe, etc…)

I’m going to waste away in bed.

I am literally too tired to get up and eat something. Instead I will watch TV on my computer. Sherlock, Community, The IT Crowd, Casanova, Torchwood, Supernatural, Dexter or How I Met Your Mother? This is a big decision. I am conficted.

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