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Famous last words.

Mike came to visit me for a whole 24 hours. When it was time for him to leave he said, “To quote a great man, I don’t want to go.” And then I burst into tears like a crazy person.

The Name of The Doctor

What even? I’m simultaneously in a state of emotional turmoil and relieved all at once.
Only five months until the 50th anniversary episode.

She says to herself rocking back and forth gently, in pure horror…

Alone, I fear I may not do as well.

Vincent Van Gogh, Vincent and The Doctor. (Doctor Who)

Some things are worth getting your heart broken for.

Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who

Just so we’re clear…

If ever the doctor shows up and asks me to travel with him, I won’t think twice about it. I’m gone, seriously. I’m out. 




I’m re-watching all of the Doctor Who episodes, I’ve missed Nine. He’s fantastic.

kristenlw said: Marry, Fuck, Kill - Doctor Who Edition: Nine, Ten, and, Eleven.

Kristen… why? D:

Alright, lets get this over with…
Marry Ten, but you already knew that.

Fuck Eleven, cause I’ve had multiple seasons to become attached.

Kill Nine but only because I haven’t watched any episodes with Nine recently. 

Donna Noble. Best.

Donna Noble. Best.

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Aww. It’s a tiny little eleventh doctor in a tiny little tardis.

Anonymous said: 6 and 7

Top ten TV shows:

1) Doctor Who

2) Sherlock

3) Supernatural

4) Fringe

5) Merlin

6) Firefly

7) 30 Rock

8) Community

9) House

10) Adventure time 

Top 5 Tumblr Blogs.

1) Kristenlw

2) brettimusprime

3) philphys

4) cocknbull

5) perryodd

(There are a lot more, I like a lot of blogs such as: fightoffyourdemons-, depression party- though he doesn’t post much anymore- at all, viscerainferno, the-final-sentence, cabinporn, jtotheizzoe, etc…)


Sometimes I see this look on her face, like she’s so sad but she can’t remember why.

Wilfred Mott

All day long I’ve been hearing “Are you okay?”, “Is something wrong?” I don’t like it. It makes me feel really transparent and weird. It’s like I’m projecting despair. I just want to go hide in my bed with some doctor who.

I liked this episode.

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