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Everything is the worst.

I feel like the health care system is failing. When people would rather let themselves die than go to a doctor because they’re too terrified of the “treatment” options. Something’s wrong.

On a another, more depressing note.

Getting older is bullshit. You just sit around and watch everyone you love die. Death is only horrifying to me because its watching people deteriorate and become decrepit. And why the fuck am I watching every woman in my family die from cancer. With the heaps of money going towards cancer research every year you’d think something would have been discovered. If I ever get sick I don’t want to draw it out. I just want to go. If possible before I’m crippled in a wheelchair or something. What is even the point.


I don’t know how people can claim to fall in and out of love so frequently and with such ease. I find that unsettling to think about. 

Burn fetish.

I really need to stop being around people. I am toxic and keep fucking people up everywhere I go. It feels like I should leave again.

I don’t know where I want to be anymore, or what I want to do. I feel so lost and so confused. Being nonexistent seems like the best option. I’d like to be forgotten.

Well fuck.

It seems that I’m bad at having feelings, and expressing them appropriately so I’ve resolved to just stop having them.

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