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Trying to shop for groceries while high on acid.

Fuck me.

I do not want to spend my Canada day in fucking Saskatchewan. I may actually pray…

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I regret nothing. ;)

Kristen and I are going to open a coffee shop. In our coffee shop we plan to have a stage for performances. A patio of sorts and an in store bakery. Unlike other coffee shops we want ours to be a place for people to just hang out with some friends. I don’t like the idea of standing coffee shops meant to get the customer out as soon as possible. Our coffee shop will be about making friends and creating memories, for lack of a better way to explain it. We shall be bros with all of our coffee shop regulars and always encourage them to hang out and chat. I’m excite. We’ve actually started looking into it and realized our coffee shop dreams are doable.

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Says everyone.
Kristen says: “Shut up, there’s TV happening…”

Music To Fuck To:

Kristen and I have created a game that involves various noises throughout a playlist made for fuckin’. 


If there is a tardis noises you get up and run. Just keep running.

If you hear zombie moans you get up and barricade the door. 

Gangnam style… you know what to do.

Stuff like that.

This seems like a lot of effort, just leave me to die.

Mine and Kristens dating motto.

My roommates cleavage is glorious. Daaaamn.

Lime in the coconut.

My room mate Kristen, and I have decided to hide inside and drink our faces off. Cause why not? When we inevitable bang that will be… Awkward mostly but also expected since we’re madly in love.

Guys like when you call them bro when they’re inside you.

Kristen Wonnenberg

Slingin’ coffee.

I just had some delightful breakfast conversation with my room mate about our terribly directionless lives, it was exhausting and now I would like to sleep. Sadly I am incredibly restless so instead I’ll draw or write for a while, it is only 5:30 am after all.

Look how adorable my room mate is.

Avengers Assemble…

Me: I was channeling my inner Wil Wheaton demanding juice, cause I feel like he would be demanding…

Kris: …Your inner douchebag.

Me: Yeah, but I think that might be Christine, always demanding we get her stuff. Drunk on power, or finally just comfortable enough where she’s living, I don’t know. She’s like Loki. 

Kristen: Can I be Bruce Banner, with all of my rage issues, cause I’m really quite until I flip out?

Me: Yes, you can. I don’t know who I’d be.

Kris: You can be Black Widow cause you’re kind of scary, or Thor… because you’re destructive. Or, you could be Iron Man, but you’d have to be more of an asshole. 

This is why we live together, cause we’re assholes and no one else will live with us. :)

And also various cartoons involving the avengers, or the guild. That was in there too. 

No Kristen,

You are to call me and address me formally as your lord and master. Then bring me juice, grape juice to be more specific. 

Edit: Peach juice will suffice. I guess.

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