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I got xbox live so I could get netflix. I’m going to have to start getting my ass kicked online everyday for this to be worth it…


tonight I learned that most of my old high school friends are raging coke-heads which kind of sucks. 


We’ve offended a diabetic blogger. Completely unintentionally of course, but… that happened I guess? We are insensitive pricks! 

Anonymous said: 6 and 7

Top ten TV shows:

1) Doctor Who

2) Sherlock

3) Supernatural

4) Fringe

5) Merlin

6) Firefly

7) 30 Rock

8) Community

9) House

10) Adventure time 

Top 5 Tumblr Blogs.

1) Kristenlw

2) brettimusprime

3) philphys

4) cocknbull

5) perryodd

(There are a lot more, I like a lot of blogs such as: fightoffyourdemons-, depression party- though he doesn’t post much anymore- at all, viscerainferno, the-final-sentence, cabinporn, jtotheizzoe, etc…)

I have a present for you Kristen…

After watching five hours of supernatural, everything seems infinitely more sinister than it probably is.

I’m going to waste away in bed.

I am literally too tired to get up and eat something. Instead I will watch TV on my computer. Sherlock, Community, The IT Crowd, Casanova, Torchwood, Supernatural, Dexter or How I Met Your Mother? This is a big decision. I am conficted.

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